Vinewood 'ecoFarm'



Vinewood is comprised of multiple lots that total just under 8 acres combined. This property was bought in stages between '06-'08, and initially cleaned up and "pre-developed" as a homestead-farm-workshop by it's two primary owner-founders. After the initial phase of growth (and untold trips to the scrap metal yard and the landfill!), their results produced a remodeled trailer, graveled roads, shipping container workshop space, small gardens, goats & chickens, and the beginnings of a pond.

Though a larger vision had always been planned for the future, financial foundations were not as stable -- both internally and within the broader U.S. economy, and the property changed hands in late '09 when fortunity took over management to further develop it with a more community-based plan.

Over the years, while many test drives and continued infrastructure improvements have been made to the property, it has not fully manifested as the eco-education center it could [and hopefully someday will!] more sustainably be. Vinewood is primarily being used for residential/camping, automotive workshop, and storage space, with intermittent gardening at times.