Core Houses

main "common" house
back of second adjacent house
front of third house
common backyard between all 3 houses

Built in the early 1920's, there are three core residential houses, with one serving as more of a "common house", where most meetings and weekly dinners take place.  These were the first three adjacent properties renovated in '96-'98, and guests or interns usually land. Improvements are ongoing, and 10-11 mostly furnished private rooms with four kitchens and five bathrooms typically house 10-12 people here.

In addition to bungalow charm and being conveniently located between two bus lines in one of West Asheville's more desirable walkable neighborhoods, the main house is also one of the most historically unique in Asheville given it's primarily covered in American Chestnut tree bark shingles. (fyi -- American Chestnut trees were prolific in this region years ago, and have been all but extinct since the 1950's after a disease/blight wiped them out. They are being tentatively reintroduced after years of efforts to grow a disease resistant strain.)  So if the squirrels don't eat them first, maybe these rare shingles will be better preserved and maintained for another 100 years!