Housing Options - Summer 2019

Residential Rooms Available

While we're always seeking new core members interested in exploring shared intentions and goals, most living here are non-member residents. We are in a transitional phase that's hard to define.  If you're not interested in IC life and looking for a conventional private unit with a standard annual or long term lease -- we're probably not your best option. And if you're seeking a radical alternative place to simply hang out, drop out, or avoid responsibilities, we're definitely not that one either!

We place a strong emphasis on communication, integrity, accountability, sustainability, barter-exchanging, personal growth, and hard work while actively planning / engaging a family of related businesses & projects -- most of which are still uninitiated or on hold right now.  (See Project Link on this site for more info.)

Housing options and community involvement has varied.  There are currently 15 of us living in about 15+ spaces (rooms or apartments) at one of three locations. Some of us are essentially 'members' living, working, and meeting together regularly -- the rest are 'residents' with less participatory involvement. While there are usually a few openings for paying residents, eventually we'd prefer active member residents. We are less culturally diverse at the moment (but very open to such), usually range in age from 20's-60's, and have a variable gender balance -- but are open to all of that broadening.  We're comprised of both meat-eaters and vegetarians, creative and scientific thinkers, and are spiritually inclined but not all aligned.  :)  In short, we tend to be eclectic, community-oriented, clean, respectful of boundaries and privacy,... and seek to live with those of like heart & mind. We are historically not as pet or family-oriented and seek to maintain non-smoking, substance/addiction-free environs, but will consider situations responsibly on a case-by-case basis.

Furnished or unfurnished rooms when available, range in price from:

~ in a trailer (more rural) for $100-125/wk*,

~ in houses (more urban) for $125-175/wk*,

~ and there are sometimes one or two private apartments for $175-250/wk ea. 

*after initial trial weeks, some rooms may drop to a slightly lower monthly rate.

Utilities are usually included in the above prices, and internet is available at most properties though a small co-op fee may be involved. Some rooms are fully finished, others are in-progress or waiting to be renovated. Most are simply furnished.

Limited work-trades may be available for 15-25/hrs per week, depending on ability/space. (Definitely seeking a skilled carpenter-handyman for full-time membership / work-trade!... and an experienced blacksmith or master gardeners would be quite welcome.)

A few other noteworthy details:

• We are not drama-oriented per se, but we do not avoid dealing with conflicts when they come up -- and ultimately seek those willing to engage a process of mutual self-understanding and healing if and when they do

• Seeking to maintain a relatively healthy, interactive, and intellectually curious lifestyle, we often share weekly potluck dinners with friends and guests to stay connected and informed... as well as monthly group meetings and/or work days to stay productive and cohesive.

• Our leadership-governance is an evolving hybrid of conventional ownership with democracy / consensus / sociocracy-based elements mixed together.  We believe in finding a win-win whenever possible, without sacrificing the overall game plan in the process.

If the any or all of the above sounds like a fit for you or others you know, please email us (or call -- 828.301.0300) and tell us a bit about yourself and what you bring to the table.... perhaps literally joining us at ours for dinner one Wednesday evening.  :) 

Thanks for your interest... and may you be blessed with a roof over your head wherever you land.