What Motivates Us?

Our Fortunate Mission

fortunity's focus is to sustain an ‘urban intentional community’ -- a core group of interdependent individuals and businesses that live and/or work locally together in various ways. It is the communication and relationships between the people, businesses, and the structures in which they are housed which forms the essence of the evolving vision. Finding out how people either independently or collectively solve the inherent problems associated with modern urban American living is the challenge. Honest effective communication, productivity, creativity, and fair trade are the primary tools being used to achieve this goal, while personal integrity remains the foundation from which mutual trust can be built and financial/emotional/spiritual growth can occur, along the way.

The vision is currently centered around a triad of properties including: (a) the commercial hub (The Fortune Building, or TFB), (b) three nearby residential houses (DorchesterGrove or DG) a half mile walk away, and (c) an 8 acre rural work retreat (Vinewood Eco-Farm) which lies within 3 miles or a 7 minute drive away and offers additional living, garden-farm, workshop, and outdoor educational space. The farm offers a woodsy change of scenery from all else, as it’s bordered by the 170 acre city owned Richmond Hill Park. With all properties combined, 25-30 rooms or units currently (or will soon) offer affordable short and long-term housing, office, classroom, meeting, retail, workshop, and performance space within 25,000 sq. ft. A core group of 10-20 anchor residents have traditionally occupied much of the space mentioned above at any given time, and [somewhat in theory and somewhat in practice] they are joined by other 'friends and extended members’ who all live and work nearby or regularly orbit within fortunity properties.

The level of commitment among members has varied, but the ultimate goal is to secure enough core players to ensure short-term initiation and long-term sustainability without delay or compromise. As the original prototype(s) get finished and functional, the potential for future expansion has always been present. Part of the challenge has been to sort through the issues that will inevitably come up in the process of living together, working towards a lofty goal, and hopefully replicating what's working within a very short period of time.

A variety of core and allied businesses and projects have been in different stages of planning, incubation, funding and birthing.(click on Projects link to the right on menu bar