Who Are We?

fortunity was unofficially founded in 1996, and has primarily and often quietly been an experimental urban intentional community ever since. We occupy multiple properties in three different nearby locations in West Asheville, NC -- nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountain range of the southern Appalachians.

For those unfamiliar, an 'intentional community' usually refers to a group of people choosing to live and often work together towards a common goal -- be it spiritual (religious or faith-based), economic (company or income-generating), social (personal growth or familial), political (issue-based) or practical (gardening or shared resources). There are probably as many reasons people come together to live, as there are people,... but the above is a quick definition.

fortunity's common goals are: (1) a safe secure place to live, (2) a heavy emphasis on communication, conflict resolution and awareness of how they work, (3) recognizing and healing our own personal and collective relationship patterns, and (4) working together on various related projects and businesses. We do that in a number of different ways, some more effective than others. ;)

We are also somewhat unique given we have multiple residential, commercial, and rural sites within a 3 mile radius -- all essentially within the city limits. There are far less communities with dual (rural & urban) hubs, but this is what evolved over time -- and we're working hard to sustain the expanded infrastructure-model that currently still exists. (Opportunities for investment and ownership are timely right now, so please inquire if you're interested / looking.)

While the number of 'Core' & 'Prospective' members has fluctuated over the years -- most have lived together in one or more of the properties for some length of time. Currently we are engaging less 'residents' vs. 'particpatory members' who share similar & different values and visions of community building. Most feel inspired to help further or at least support our mission to finish and sustain a successful model of urban interdependence alongside their own personal quests. Though it can be challenging to engage a live-work membership here, some choosing or being asked to leave at certain points, the goal is to know more consciously what did & didn't work and learn from the experience.

If you're interested in learning more about the intentional communities movement, please visit www.ic.org for a wealth of information and a comprehensive listing of communities existing or forming around the world. And if you're interested in learning more about us (fortunity), please keep reading this site, and then call or email us directly via our Contact Us page.

Thanks and may you be living harmoniously wherever you are!

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